The Tour

Power Snorkelling
Here is a new tour in Exmouth that will take your snorkeling experience to a whole new level! Using your own Seadoo power underwater scooter, you’ll be propelled effortlessly through the marine ecosystem of the Ningaloo, where you’ll see the tropical fish and coral that made Ningaloo one of the world’s most desireable snorkeling destinations.

The excursion begins with a safety demonstration, and expert instruction on how to use your scooter underwater. After instruction, you’ll get to board your scooter and let the excitement begin! You’ll cruise through the crystal clear blue waters like James Bond, in a unique and thrilling experience! This snorkeling experience is for everyone.

You Get.
The ONLY dedicated snorkel tour in Exmouth.
Rest assured that you will only be taken to snorkel sites that are perfect for all ages and abilities with an abundance of fish and coral. We are the only company in Exmouth to dedicate our tours to just snorkelers.

The most experienced skippers/guides in the exmouth region.
With over 20 years experience in the local waters you are guaranteed to be taken to the best snorkel sites on the day. Factors such as wind and waves need to be taken into account…..not just the same site every day regardless of the conditions.

A powerful underwater scooter.
We use a Seadoo RS3, the latest in the seadoo range of scooters. With speeds of up to 5kph and a battery life of 2 hours it is far more than what we need.

All snorkeling equipment.
We only use top of the range snorkeling equipment for your comfort.

Expert Safety Briefings and instruction.
All our staff are Accredited Snorkeling Instructors whowill take the time to teach you how to snorkel safely.

Hours of Snorkeling Fun.
With over 90 minutes of snorkeling you will see the best the Ningaloo has to offer.

Maximum of 10 snorkelers.
With less than 10 other people in the water you will feel like you have the Ningaloo to yourself.

Don’t Forget.
· Swimsuit. We recommend to have this on and ready for when we pick you up.

· Towel. We recommend a “quick dry” sports towel.

· Bio-degradable suncream. Please help protect the coral by only using eco-friendly sun cream.

Schedule of the Day
10.00 After a nice sleep in (after all you are on holiday) we will pick you up from your accommodation and transport you to the boat. During the drive to the boat you will learn all about the Ningaloo and Exmouth history from our informative guide.

10.45 Equipment will be issued at this time and expert instruction on how to use this will be given.

11.00 Time to board the boat for a very fast journey to the best snorkel location of the day…you are on the fastest boat in Exmouth.

11.15 Time to jump in the water and play with our new toys…..just like xmas morning. Spend the next 1 ½ hours snorkeling on the pristine Ningaloo Reef.

13.00 Arrive back at the boat ramp.

14.00 Dropped off home with a big smile on your face.

Please note that during school holidays there will be two tours per day starting at 8.00am and again at 13.00.